What is Functional Blood Analysis?

Did your blood test come back normal. but you just don’t feel right? This is a very common experience which results from the way conventional blood testing is interpreted. Even though you’ve been told everything looks great, your test results may be far from being what is considered physiologically optimal, or healthy. ‘Normal’ is not the same as OPTIMAL! Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis utilises ‘functional’ ranges in order to determine disease risk and identify sub-clinical health problems long before the manifest as full-blown disease. I will interpret your blood test result and provide information about a range of body systems and physiological processes, all of which can be tracked over time such as blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular risk, electrolyte imbalance, hormone balance, gastro-intestinal function, liver and gallbladder function, adrenal and thyroid function, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, toxicity and oxidative stress.

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    Blood Results from Pathcare

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