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People confuse a gene linked to a disease with a gene causing a disease. There is a difference. Diseases are not always in the genes. All chronic lifestyle diseases are non-genetic; they are nothing but your body’s alarm system trying to warn you. Single gene disorders affect less than 2% of the population.

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This is an educational and healing space for people who never have or no longer fit into the old medical model. It is for people who have tried pills and procedures but have not achieved long lasting relief from symptoms or restoration of their health. If you resonate with a natural, comprehensive, holistic approach and need a precision and personalized approach to medicine, based on your DNA blueprint, then I bid you a warm welcome.

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Coaching for Women

More than 70% of the audience for coaching and life-long learning programs are women. Yet very few, if any, coaching methods clearly identify and address women’s hidden power blocks, or the sea-change that’s happening for millions of women who are feeling the impulse to self-actualize. I have completed a certificate in the Foundations of Women-Centered Coaching to ensure I offer my female clients the very best coaching and advice.

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