Dear Lynn

Thank you for your kindness and all the incredible information shared with me during our session in such a professional way.

Never before has any medical professional shared so much valuable information on the relationship of one’s body, mind and spirit with me in such a way that it makes perfect sense.

For years, I would say 80% of my 55 years in this lifetime, I suffered from physical pain in various parts of my body, due to physical and emotional trauma stored as memory in my body and mind..

Never had I realised how all this could have such a negative impact on my life, resulting in physical illness, pain and mental torture over years. Not only has your informative session transformed my life, but it has given me a better understanding of my own body, its function and the environmental and social impact on it and the fundamental connection my body has with my mind and my spirit.

Your techniques of how to release all of the old negative thought patterns, physical pain, psycological pain and memories, and open myself up for a new, more healthy and painless life has transformed me in an amazing way. Walking out of your consulting room, with immediate relief from pain I had carried with me for years, was a miracle and physical proof of how one’s body could respond towards “letting go”.

Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you step by step on becoming a better and healthier me.

Kind regards

Marian Viljoen

Today is the USA Thanksgiving holiday and what has been on my heart the most is my gratitude for the DNA Company. And I’m indulging in as many DNA Co. webinars and podcasts as I can :).

By the grace of God/the Universe/Love/Spirit/Goodness – whatever we want to call it – I was matched with Lynn Angel to do my coaching early this year. I have never felt so supported, heard, and compassionately understood and yet so challenged to take small steps inside the bigger picture of the journey of starting to listen to my body and be empowered that nothing is innately bad about me, but that my environment, habits/lifestyle, and nutrition truly can help change the expression of my functional genetics. Getting on the right supplements based on my genetics has been a game changer.

For the past couple months, I consistently have energy, creativity, peace and chutzpah that I never had in the same way ever before in my life. I just wanted to express to you both the depth of experience working with your company and your practitioner Lynn and my gratitude today on Thanksgiving Day!

Kristina Buch

After countless doctors appointments and test over the past 2 years with no certain idea of what my problem was. I was desperate, tired, in a lot of pain and ready to just give up. I came across a post of Lynn on a WhatsApp group, I was very curious and read more on kinesiology. I decided to make an appointment to go see if she can help me. I mean, what did I have to loose? With 2 sessions over two weeks time she made me feel like a new person. All my tension, pain, tiredness was soon to be something of the past. I made a few small changes that had a huge impact on my wellbeing as a person. I feel better, I feel positive and look forward to waking up in the morning. Lynn is great at what she does. My Health has really improved, emotionally as well as physical. I would recommend Lynn over and over again. Thank you Lynn for making a difference not only in my life but also my family’s.


Today I felt the aftershock of the previous two weeks of physical and metal stress and exhaustion. I made an appointment with Lynn and she was willing to help me last minute. After the session I feel better already. Lynn also helped me understand what to do not to be caught up in the same situation again. Thank you Lynn for always going the extra mile and making a big difference. I would highly recommend you to anyone.


I just wanted to say thank you to Lynn Angel for a very informative and super helpful chat session today. Getting to know our bodies physically is one thing but getting know what keeps it ticking and how to make it tick to the best of its ability is just priceless.

Susan van aardt

Thank you for matching me with Lynn Angel in South Africa. She is so knowledgeable and creative and helpful as I give her feedback to my weekly experiences, she is able to give me small action steps of what I need to do so I can create new habits and routines with my serotonin dysregulation and sleep and feeding myself….things I have always known were affecting me but didn’t have the words or understanding of why until the DNA 360 test and reports. I’ve worked with many practitioners and coaches and therapists, etc. and Lynn is actually helping me achieve change I only ever longed for based on my genetic reports. She has such a huge skillset and is able to adapt to feedback and be genuinely encouraging and helpful. Truly remarkable!


I recently saw Lynn Angel after a traumatic experience. I’d never been to a Specialised Kinesiologist before or knew much about it. Lynn was so accommodating with her time (even over a weekend) as I was visiting my parents. She was so compassionate in seeing that I needed some help and really went above and beyond to accommodate me. She was exceptional throughout my assessment, guiding me, listening and supporting me whilst I shared. The assessment sheets provided are very helpful and thorough in allowing you to get to know yourself better. The treatments were very relaxing and comforting. I felt safe and taken care of. The advice and recommendations were very helpful and Lynn was so efficient in getting this information back to me. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is open to learning and knowing more about themselves!


One often has no idea why things start malfunctioning in one’s life, often causing physical disease or manifesting in emotional and relationship conflict. In my case, relationship conflict. My session with Lynn seems to have “dislodged” my destructive cycle of unnecessary and overly aggressive outbursts. Without conscious effort, I now find myself responding to the same situations, with effortless composure. A great result. I’ll be returning for some top up sessions.


My sessions with Lynn Angel have been a mind blowing experience. She has helped me reset my mind, body and soul. It’s hard to explain exactly how it has happened but I feel refreshed and see a side of myself I haven’t seen in many years. This whole journey is refreshing and has set a tone of calm in my life. I am very grateful to have found Lynn, she really is a true Angel.


2021 was perhaps the worst year of my life! Various traumatic situations had a devastating effect on my life: death of a close family member, retiring, selling my house, relocating, forced off my second home, staying with family and friends for two months before settling in a new home in a new town … You get the drift? It was the final straw for my body. There were days when I was scared that I was NOT going to die. Then I met Lynn. Having no knowledge of kinesiology, it was with some trepidation that I went for my first appointment. I could not believe the results after only one treatment. I have not looked back since then and I am looking forward to becoming completely healed in time. I not only experience the effects physically, but also emotionally. Lynn’s professional, compassionate, soothing approach is amazing. Her specialized and expert knowledge of kinesiology boggles my mind. She is truly an Angel!

Sonja Oosthuizen

Good evening Lynn, Marek is 100% and doing well.. too well! Enjoying himself and feeling great… not sure what you did to my husband, but it’s made a visible change from what I can see. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chantal Jacobs

Lynn, thank you indeed for a most empowering session today. I visited you with covid backlash in my foot causing extreme pain but knew the cause was deeper than meets the eyes. Truly this vital treatment is never found in mainstream medicine. I’m so grateful for your amazing insight and wisdom with regards to spirit, soul and body. As I said today, you always touch the right button graciously. I’m always left with much food for thought and gratitude once having had a session with you. My body rejoices at such wisdom. Thank you sincerely. You truly have a practise of high integrity.


After reading about Lynn Angel I made a booking to see if she could do something about the chronic lower back pain I’ve endured for years. At the time I was also battling with severe plantar fasciitis which made walking very difficult. Unbelievably, I was completely pain free after only 2 sessions! Lynn explained that pain is not the problem, but simply a message from my body that something needs attention. Booking an appointment with Lynn Angel has been life changing for me. My back had gone into bad spasm. Sciatica. Well, the body speaks and my back pain stems from years of trauma. It is difficult for me to correctly explain. She is a Kinesiologist and transformational therapist. Truly, transformational. In just two session I came away so empowered and inspired. You know we go to the doctor who prescribes medication or even an operation for a symptom, like pain, but Lynn has THE GIFT through years of understanding the body to get to the root cause. I’m grateful that she has crossed my path as my body is riddled with inflammation and who knows where this could have taken me. A worth while appointment to make. VERY WORTH WHILE!


Lynn is highly recommended. Her knowledge base is huge and her treatments are caring and effective!

Tracy Danton

Good morning Lynn, I just had to say that I woke up feeling awake and good today in the first time in forever, thank you so much! I’m looking forward to our next session.

Vicky Poascal

It’s been over a year since the first time I saw Lynn and after she moved so far it was a challenge to see her and I was feeling quite good again for some time until recently when I just couldn’t take the pain and it wasn’t going away. I live over an hour and half away but would have traveled even further just for this. I now realize what a difference she made back then and what a difference it made almost instantly. I’m still in shock, she must be an angel. Definitely going to make this a more regular thing. If only we had time yesterday, I would have wanted my boyfriend to have a session too. There’s nothing really wrong with him but I just want EVERYONE to experience what I have and if she did that much for me, I can only imagine what she can do for someone with an annoying acne or even just a few mental blocks. She makes you realize how much your past really revisits you in your adulthood. You might not realize that a small head ache or minor pain that you get, comes from something significant and she helps you address it… She sets your body on a clean slate, so we can rewrite the narrative. I’m not cured but we definitely made noticeable progress from the first, second and third session. I have a long road to go but looking forward to continuing my journey with Lynn.

After reading about Lynn Angel on a group I made a booking to see if she could do something about the chronic lower back pain I’ve endured for years. At the time I was also battling with severe plantar fasciitis which made walking very difficult. Unbelievably I was completely pain free after only 2 sessions! Lynn explained that pain is not the problem, but simply a message from my body that something needs attention. Kinesiology therapy addresses the causes (mental, emotional or physical) and the symptom, which can  be anything from pain, insomnia, digestive issues, etc. goes away. I am so fortunate to have discovered her!