Kitchen Design and Consultancy

Lynn, your suggested changes to the kitchen are fantastic! Not only is the kitchen now truly functional but also “works” in the true sense if the word.

The old kitchen consisted of two small rooms- the laundry and kitchen. We removed the wall between these two places and created one big space with enough room for everyone to participate in preparing a meal. The kitchen now has a fireplace for winter as well as a charcoal grill for indoor braaing.

Our kitchen is both the sociable heart of the home, as well as a functional food preparation space. It is a wonderful spacious room with a separate dining area, which faces an indoor courtyard and a colourful back veranda.

The area with the kettle and toaster works particularly well through the use of double fold-back doors that can be closed easily for a tidy look. There are clever details such as full-extension pull-out shelves allowing easy access to heavy equipment.


I learnt more from Lynn in the four hours I was there than any cookery book or youtube video could teach me. Absolutely recommended to anyone wanting to learn the joy of cooking, whether learning the basics or trying different cuisines.

Tara Flory

Lynn recently embarked with us on a journey of renovating, refurbishing and upgrading our restaurant and kitchen. From the get-go Lynn was actively involved in numerous aspects of our new endeavour. Not only did she help us with the layout and flow of our kitchen, but she also identified equipment to help our team do their best work. She trained all members of our staff (and family!) with heaps of enthusiasm and care. Lynn’s knowledge and experience is far-reaching and working with her is such an inspiration! We can highly recommend connecting with Lynn if you have any culinary consulting needs.

Thanks again, Lynn! We feel so lucky to have you on our team

Tjaart van der Walt – Groenhuijs restaurant in Welkom

“Lynn – what a fantatsic evening!! Superb food and a wine selection to die for, and such a comfortable feel. Thank you!”

Hela Strez.

“Hi Lynn, really had a great time. What a lovely house and the feeling of calmness. Did not want to go home! Food and wine excellent”



“So nice to have a special vegetarian meal and not a stuffed pepper!”



What a special evening in a stunning venue. The food was wonderful and beautifully presented with excellent and attentive service. The chocolate torte and the lemon tart were outstanding. The lemon tart was the best I have ever had!”

Bruce and Janine.


“Thank you for a truly educational evening. You are a very impressive teacher.”

John Maytham.


“Thank you so much for a fabulously inspiring and informative cooking course last night. My head is spinning with all the info – what a treat to finally know some kitchen technique and healthier-tastier-coooking-practices”

Nicole Rennie.


Thank you for all your help and advice with changes to the Cafe Georges menu, training of the staff and the kitchen design, especially during the time of opening the shop up again.
Not only did you come up with some new and fresh ideas to put on to the menu, but you also opened up the minds of my kitchen staff and gave them some new (much needed) energy. I really got much more out of this exercise than I ever would have expected. Your inputs were invaluable!!!

Emma, owner of Cafe Georges.