Ergonomic Kitchen Design

What is ergonomics and how does it apply to kitchens?

Kitchens have made a comeback from being a small cluttered room at the back of the house to playing a very important part in the social aspect of the house.

I design a kitchen working environment to fit your exact movements which include  customised working heights for preparation, cooking and washing-up areas. In essence, the kitchen is designed to support the lifestyle of the owner. I take into account your present and future physical abilities and ensure that your kitchen will always be able to live up to the demands of your lifestyle.

An ergonomic design will make your kitchen comfortable and convenient to use. Of utmost importance is economy of movement, convenience of location and a logical progression from storage to dining. This approach is vital, since entertainment around and even in the kitchen is part of many modern lifestyles.

I have been a chef /caterer/cookery school teacher for 30 years and a kitchen designer for 15 years.  I am known for my creativity and the ability to conceptualise the outcome. My portfolio includes kitchen designs for corporate aircraft, yacht galleys, household kitchens ranging from large farmhouse style to modern sleek apartment kitchens and commercial kitchens.

My design fee is R1500 per hour while on site commercial restaurant consultations are charged at R4500 per day plus travelling expenses.  On average it takes 25-30 hours for a residential kitchen design.  I also advise on fittings and fixtures and appliance recommendations.  Please give me call on 082 4409397.

All my clients are happy to receive your calls for further information about me.