Lynn has a formidable range of experience in her professional career – from private dining for international celebrities to consulting for luxury trains and restaurants, hosting bespoke gourmet events at her luxury property, and designing ergonomic kitchens for domestic and professional clients.

Thank you for the awe inspiring and awakening experience in your kitchen. I feel liberated and inspired.

Natalie Davidson

As a professional chef, Lynn has been involved in the food service industry for 25 years.

She launched the Kitchen Angel Cookery School in 1992, and since then has trained numerous proficient cooks the professional skills to enhance their culinary repertoire and enjoyment of cooking.

She focuses on the science of cooking, the foundational essentials such as proper knife skills and using your 5 senses, which enables her students to master any recipe.

Kitchen Design

Lynn designs a kitchen working environment to fit your exact movements. This includes customised working heights for preparation, cooking and washing-up. She believes a kitchen should be designed around your needs and the way you use your kitchen. She also takes into account your present and future physical abilities and ensure that your kitchen will always be able to live up to the demands of your lifestyle.

If you’ve met Lynn then you can relax. She is truly your kitchen angel. She managed to transform our very old, dark, ugly, impractical kitchen into a light, beautiful, spacious and well planned chef and family delight.

Colleen Kirk-Cohen

An ergonomic design will make your kitchen comfortable and convenient to use. Of utmost importance is economy of movement, convenience of location and a logical progression from storage to dining. This approach is vital, since entertainment around and even in the kitchen is part of many lifestyles.