About Lynn Angel

Lynn_Angel_Profile_ColourI have always been passionate about food. And travel. And people. ūüôā¬†

I have been involved in the hospitality industry as a  professional chef, a cookery school teacher, and an ergonomic kitchen designer since 1989. In 2009 I realised that I needed a new challenge in my career, without giving up  the knowledge and experience that I had gained in the hospitality and food world. This led to 3 fascinating years of study in various modalities of Kinesiology. I qualified as a Specialised Kinesiologist in 2012.

I have always been fascinated by the complex wisdom of the human body and personally experienced the astonishing ability of the human body to heal itself through Kinesiology.   Kinesiology  is a non-invasive therapy grounded in anatomy and physiology. Studying kinesiology offered me a way to combine my knowledge of food with the principles of Kinesiology which is that physical symptoms are messages from the body.

They are warning signals to alert us to an imbalance on some level in our body, be it on a biochemical, nutritional, physical or energetic level.

I was a teenager when I came across an ancient Ayurvedic proverb that states:

“ If diet is WRONG, medicine is of no use.

And if diet is CORRECT, medicine is of no good.”

Our bodies give us warning signals before it manifest as a physical ailment and if we find ways to assist the body to reverse these symptoms naturally, we can avoid becoming caught in the cycle of chronic conditions and chronic medication.

To ensure good health, you have to eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain an interest in life. – William London

Integrated body therapy is the combination of Eastern and Western bodywork approaches that create lasting, positive changes in the structure and movement of the body and increases your energy levels  and zest for life.

As a wellness practitioner I assess each client individually and my aim is the evaluation of root restrictions, which may be influenced by many factors on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level.

The benefits of a treatment session are improved posture, optimised mobility, decreased pain and increased wellness and vitality. Kinesiology does not interfere with your religious, spiritual or social views, it taps into your body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and improved health to the neurological and physiological functions of your body.

My role as a specialised kinesiologist  is to assist you to achieve and maintain excellence in your health so that you can enjoy life.